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Slovakia is well know as land of wine. Slovak wines maybe are not well known internationally, but they are really popular domestically and in neighbouring countries. Expect Tokaj wine, which makes good name for Slovak wine region. In Slovakia are 6 important wine regions. You can find here so many types of wine thanks to various climate and soil conditions. Vinegrowers in Slovakia produce every year about 50 000 tons of grapes. Rareness is, that there are more than 50 different grape varieties, which are planted and different technologies using for wine producing. But this tour is not just about wines. You will visit extraordinary town Banska Stiavnica and apart from amazing atmosphere can enjoy beer from local brewery ERB.

Accommodation details

  • Buffet breakfast is included and provided at the hotels
  • Price is based on double occupancy
  • Single supplement available with a surcharge
  • Rooms are equipped with a bathroom with shower or bath with toilette, TV, radio, COMPLIMENTARY wifi

What is included in the price:

  • Transportation in a private van with professional private driver, guide/translator & advisor
  • Transportation around Slovakia
  • Accommodation in stylish & luxurious hotels
  • Rich breakfast at the hotels 
  • Refreshment during transportation
  • Return airport transfers
  • All trips fee mentioned in this itinerary


Arrival to Bratislava, hotel check-in

  • accommodation in first class hotel in the centre of Bratislava
  • time to leisure enjoying atmospehre
  • overnight in Bratislava
  • introducing with your guide in hotel lobby and discussion about plan
  • morning sightseeing tour in Bratislava Old (historical) Town (lasts about 2-3 hrs)
  • during the afternoon organised trip to Viticultural region of Male Karpaty
  • wine tasting at local producer and small family wineries with dinner
  • in the evening return to Bratislava
  • Overnight in Bratislava
  • The Capital of the Slovak Republic BRATISLAVA – also called  as the Beauty on the Danube, can not only boast interesting history but it is also the centre of the most dynamically developing region of Central Europe at present. The main symbol of rich history and a characteristic dominant of the city is Bratislava castle.  One can contemplate not only the magnificent view of the city but also the neighbouring states, like Austria and Hungary, that Bratislava borders on, from its courtyard or the windows of the Castle. One of the most attractive part of Bratislava is the Old Town where a lot of historical sights as well as cultural institutions are concentrated. The town hall was and still is an important part of city life. These days, festivals, concerts and December Christmas markets are held in its inner courtyard.Its tiny lanes offer an ideal atmosphere for romantic walks to those who love to follow signs of history in the middle of modern world.
  • The viticultural region of Male Karpaty   – consists of 12 viticultural areas and covers administrative territory of 120 viticultural communes. The vineyards stretch in a continuous belts on the slopes of the mountains of Male Karpaty from Bratislava to Pezinok and further to Horne Oresany. Varieties of white muscatel such as Rizling vlassky, Rizling rynsky, Veltlinske zelene, Burgundske biele or blue varieties including Frankovka modra and Svatovavrinecke are grown here. Müller-Thurgau, Silvanske zelene, Dievcie hrozno, Chardonnay and Portugalske modre are additional varieties which complement the scale of vine grown and processed in this region. So if you Love nature, folk art and quality wine, you are invited to visit the route known as the Wine Road of Malé Karpaty. Besides from cultural and historic monuments you will be certainly fascinated by tradition of variety folklore art of this region where you will have a nice dinner in the famous wine cellar with a wine tasting of fine local wines and winery tour.
  • transfer in the morning by car  to Trnava town
  • after sightseeing of historical centre in Trnava we will visit a local producer of the honey  wine
  • mead “medovina” tasting
  • in the afternoon transfer by car to Banska Stiavnica UNESCO town
  • accommodation in stylish pension
  • Overnight in Banska Stiavnica
  • Trnava

– the oldest free royal borough  was the Church “capital” of the Kingdom of Hungary for several centuries in the past. The buildings in the historic centre are included in the Town Monument Reserve. Only a few towns of Central Europe can boast such a large section of town walls. For their high level of preservation, Trnava town walls are unique from the construction point of view and rank among the most significant monuments of the kind in Europe. Fortifications are from the 13th to 16th centuries. The dominant feature of the square and in fact of the town as well, is the town tower. Master Jakub built it in 1574 on Gothic foundations and its view terrace provides a perfect view of Trnava and its environs. Slovakia is also famous for very long tradition in producing of mead – honey wine. In recent years Slovak producers were awarded as the best producers in the world according to the Apimondia jury. The mastery of “medovina” – honey wine,  is that makers are supported by a quality beekeeping background. As the basic raw material for “medovina”, Slovak honey is one of the best at international level. “Medovina” can be served in both ways. Chilled, it can mainly be enjoyed as an aperitif or dessert, served at approximately 12 – 18 °C. It can also be enjoyed on its own and it will emphasize moments of relax and leisure time. It’s mostly served heated on cold days.

  • all day long sightseeing in Banska Stiavnica town and its surroundings
  • dinner at the local Brewery ERB with tour of brewery and beer tasting
  • Overnight in Banska Stiavnica
  • Banska Stiavnica –  lies amid the forests of the Stiavnicke Mts. and is included on the List of the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. The former mining town is one of the most beautiful and in historical terms one of the most interesting towns in Slovakia. Banska Stiavnica progressively became the biggest mining centre in the Habsburg Monarchy in the 18th century. Silver ore prevailed among the mined metals and Banska Stiavnica won the attribute of “silver town”. In 1735, the oldest mining school in the Kingdom of Hungary was founded here, which was promoted to the Banska akademia (Mining Academy) in 1762, the first university of its kind in the world. Banska Stiavnica reserve comprises as many as 360 structures. Together they present a unique set of high cultural and historical value, which is set into the wonderful environment of the Stiavnicke Mts.
  • Beer  – in Slovakia is very popular alcoholic beverage. Slovak beers are of good quality but only local beers can be compared to taste and quality of famous German and Czech beers. In local Brewery restaurant ERB, which is situated in Banska Stiavnica, you will take a tour of manufacture with beer tasting which will end up with 4-course dinner menu.
  • transfer by car to Velky Krtis region, on the way short stop in Stara Hora near Sebechleby
  • visit the Slovak organic wine producer
  • in the afternoon transfer by car to Kosice, on the way stop in Roznava town where famous brewery is situated
  • beer tasting
  • arrival to Kosice in the evening hours
  • accommodation
  • Overnight in Kosice
  • Stara Hora – is a settlement which conists of small houses and cellars, which are in this area well known as “hajlochy”. This local popular architecture is protected and consists of typical single or two-room wine growers houses with pillar porches and cellars carved into the tuff rock. You can find here more than hundred houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. Initial cellars, which along with the local church are part of the Monument Reserve of Popular Architecture, are also part, which can be visited by tourists.
  •  Central Slovakia wine region – Slovakia is well known for its long tradition in growing wines. The first chronicle of winegrowing in this region dates to 1135, when King Belo II presented two vineyards to the Benedictine monastery in Bzovik. In this region you can find one of the first producer of the organic wine. Domin & Kusicky is a family-owned winery that over the years has developed a brand of wines of undisputed quality, which guarantees their originality and unique of tate. Such wines are definitely becoming more and more preferred by top caterers and experienced wine lovers. In your wine tasting tour we will guide you through the following special wines: Organic Red Traminer, Organic Chardonnay, Organic Pinot Gris, Organic Pinot Blanc, Organic Sauvignon, Organic Welschriesling, Organic Pinot Noir and Organic Cabernet Sauvignon.
  •  Kaltenecker brewery – in Roznava offers an extraordinary experience in the form of tasting tour of the local brewery. You will take a small tasting tour with tasting of three types of beer specials.
  • transfer by car to Viticultural region of Tokaj
  • visit local wine producer
  • wine tasting with lunch
  • in late afternoon sightseeing in Kosice town
  • Overnight in Kosice
  • Tokaj wine growing region  – name Tokaj is derived from word „STOKAY“, which means confluence of two rivers, Bodrog and Tisza river. This area has acreage of 908 ha, so  is the smallest of six wine growing regions of Slovakia. Tokaj is really famous and well known for many people, because of  typical Tokaj wine cellars and also hills surrounded by vineyards. In Slovakia we have one of the extraordinary areas in the world, where grapes can be grown for the production of natural sweet wines. Currently in Slovak part of wine growing region Tokaj variety wines are produced from varieties Furmint, Lipovina and Muskat zlty (yellow muscat). The region became famous thanks to Tokaj wines, such as:, Tokajske samorodne sweet, Tokajske samorodne dry, Tokajsky vyber 3 až 6 putnovy (Tokaj selection 3 to 6 hods), Tokajsky forditas, Tokajsky maslas and Tokajska esencia (Tokaj essence).
  • The city of Kosice – Kosice is second largest city in Slovakia. But at the same time is  the first town in Slovakia, which was awarded by the title of European Capital of Culture. Historical core of the town is full of monuments,  which makes it the biggest Town Monument Reserve of Slovakia. The spindle-shaped Main square of Kosice is the heart of the town and rightly considered one of the most beautiful squares in Slovakia. The dominant of the square and the town is the monumental Gothic Cathedral of St. Elisabeth. The cathedral is located in the middle of the Main Street, in Košice, is the largest church of Slovakia with the capacty of 5,000 people. As well as the easternmost located Gothic cathedral of western type in Europe. Another majorities of this beautiful town are also museums, Slovak Technical Museum or Eastern Slovak Museum.

Farewell and departure from Slovakia.


Wine tasting

Banska Stiavnica

Wine tasting



Cathedral of St. Elizabeth


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